Hardwood flooring offers the variety you want and need

For many homeowners, hardwood flooring offers the options you need most, whether the need is visual, durability, or lifespan. All these benefits and more are found in this line, along with the possibility that you may never have to purchase another new floor covering again. Let’s take some time to consider the characteristics found in this line to see if they measure up to your requirements.

Finding your wood flooring is easy

Once you consider all your needs and requirements, you are likely to find the process of choosing the perfect floor covering to be easier than you thought. You will start with your durability needs, considering your activity level, lifestyle, and average in-house traffic. Choosing anything less than what you need only shortens the lifespan of your floors or causes you to seek a refinishing service earlier than necessary.

While solid wood is often the product of choice, some homeowners prefer the characteristics found in engineered wood flooring. Instead of offering a wood experience through and through, engineered products feature a layer of natural wood attached to layers of plywood for outstanding stability and functionality. It could even be a possible alternative to solid wood in basement and below-grade areas, with exceptional results.

Both materials offer a wealth of personalization options, especially for appearance, with a wide range of stain colors and installation methods. Chevron and herringbone installation are often trending, while various formats can change the entire outlook of your room. When you are ready for your materials to be installed, we will take precise measurements, give you an estimate, and schedule a time to begin acclimation, after which the actual installation can begin.

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Find the wood floors that suit your needs

At Stateline Custom Floors, we provide the materials you need and the services that transform them into the flooring of your dreams. When you have specific requirements, our associates stand by to help match you with the products that meet them. Be sure to browse at your leisure and take advantage of our years of experience by asking any questions about the materials.

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